Last year, the hard work of many volunteers breathed life into the award ceremony. Now. LeK needs your help more than ever...

Assistant Organizers

Sadly, due to many changes in my life, I can no longer run LeK completely on my own. This year, I will need the help of a few good slashers to make sure things run smoothly.

Duties will evolve as time progresses and I see what I need help with. At the time being, I need people who are willing to run down stories and author addys for me. I've been away from fandom for a few months, and surely I won't be familar with all the nominated stories and authors. Having a limited amount of free time, I can't go searching for the stories myself. The job isn't very glamorous, but I need the help and would be very grateful to anyone who volunteers for this postion.


Ever dreamed of presenting an award at glamorous award ceremony? Well, presenting a LeK award is as close as most of us will ever get. ;o) If you'd like to shine in the lime light, have your fifteen minutes of fandom fame, here's your chance. I need volunteers to act as presenters at this year's ceremony. It's a fun little thing I do to spice up the awards, but it can't work without your help. Please, volunteer. Email me by January 20th if you're interested.

Presenter's Duties

As presenters, you would be responsible for writing an intro for the category you are responsible for. You can also have a small graphical representation of yourself at the podium.

The content of the intro is up to you, but it should be entertaining in some way.

The presenters are also responsible for choosing out-takes from their category's nominated stories. The out-takes are a bit like the movie clips shown at the Oscars- they're meant to give the audience a glance at all the nominees before the winner is announced. Thusly the out-takes should be a representation of the aspect of the story that is relevant to the category. e.g. The out-takes for the stories in the Best Romance category should be romantic.

I want to note that being a presenter does not mean you get to know who the winners are before everyone else. Like the presenters at a "real" awards show, you do not get to know beforehand. You will write up your intro and select your out-takes, and have them to me before the voting has ended. I will add the winners name to the page after the voting is over.

Award Artist

LeK is once again looking for an artistically talented M/K fan to share their talents. I need someone to create this year's award . If you'd like to create the award, please email me with the idea for your design. I don't want anyone to put time and effort into a picture, just in case I get several volunteers and must choose between them. Please email me by January 20th if you're interested.


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