The Golden Rule: To qualify, a story must be a M/K focused story posted between January 1st 2001 and December 31st 2001.

By Theme

Best Hurt/Comfort: Any story where one or both of the boys is hurt emotionally or physically and is comforted or cared for by the other.

Best Romance: This depends very much on personal taste. What's romance to someone may not be to someone else. But it generally means a story where the boys are, or fall in, love.

Best Humour: Any M/K that made you laugh. Serious stories with humourous undertones are welcomed.

Best Angst: Death, seperation, unrequited love, suicide, depression. Stories containing these, and stories where the boys just generally get jerked around are elligable in this categorey.

Best Dark: Stories that feature dark or evil characterizations, rape stories, stories featuring non-consensual sex... anything dark, disturbing, or chilling.

By Length

Best Short Story: Any M/K story up to 15k.

Best Medium Length Story: Any M/K story from 16k to 50k.

Best Long Story: Any M/K story from 51k to 80k.

Best Novel: Any M/K story larger than 80k.

Best Series: Any set of M/K stories with at least one part posted between Jan 1st 2001 and Dec 31st 2001. All parts of the series do not need to have been posted during this period. If one part was posted in 2001, it doesn't matter when the other parts were written and posted.


Best Sex Scene: Any M/K sex scene in a M/K story. In longer stories with multiple sex scenes it is very important to specify which scene.

Best Author: Any author that's posted at least one M/K story in 2000.

Best Poem: Any M/K poem.

Lifetime Achievement Award: The M/K fandom is getting on in years now, and many members of the community have come and gone. There have been countless people who have made contributions to the community... through their stories, through their websites, and through their efforts to build and mantain the fandom.

Now is the time to honor our elder members, and those who have come and gone. Please, choose a person who has made a significant contribution to the M/K world, and show your appreciation.


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