Best Sex Scene

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Touch is the language of the flesh. Writers use their words to communicate, and they use these words to paint passionate, sensual, and sometimes dark and painful pictures of sexuality. From the depths of love and tenderness to the stark reality of lust and pain, the writers in this category have created masterpieces that touched us, affected us, chilled us and aroused us. The stories here cover the full range of emotions from love and desire to hate and revenge.

Writing sexual content can be difficult. There is a balance to be struck between realism, fantasy, fact and fiction. Especially true of homoerotic writing, the writer often feels a responsibility to dispel myths and misconceptions of homosexual relationships within their work. The stories presented here are beautiful, erotic, and represent some of the best we are capable of within our genres.

The nominees are:

Baser Desires* by Loren Q
Scene- Only scene

My eyes fly open when I realize that Krycek's no longer on me. I sit up to find him kneeling a few feet away.

I throw myself at him, swinging wildly. I'm caught in a tactile rush. The feel of my fists connecting with his body, the satisfying whoosh of his breath being knocked out. "Table's turned," I rasp out as I roll on top of him.

Over and over, the thud of my fists striking him, his grunting response to my blows. I realize he's not defending himself. "Hit back, you fucker." My face inches from his.

He licks the blood in the corner of his mouth. "Not what you want," he replies, throwing his arm around the back of my head and pulling me down.

A metallic tang fills my mouth as his lips, bruised and bloodied, press against mine. My lust, so long denied, responds instinctively. I grind against him, feeling my erection rub against his.

A low moan escapes me as his hand moves down, cupping my ass. He reaches between us and strokes my cock. I throw my head back, shuddering at the sensation. He strokes me slowly, stopping to squeeze, then returns to stroking. My head falls forward, arms straining to support my weight when he stops.

I watch as he brings his hand to his mouth, wiping blood and spit into his palm. His hand disappears between us and he begins pumping me hard and fast. Pre-cum, blood and spit make it slick and smooth.

"This is what it's about, Mulder," he mutters, his lips barely touching mine. "My absolution in blood." His kiss, quick, just a taste.

"Yes, yes..." I repeat mindlessly as he grips me harder.

"And yours? What's your penance?"

"Fuck me!" I cry out before I can think.

Chemistry* Louise Wu
Scene- The last sex scene in book three (up against a tree)

My hand slid under his suit coat and feverishly explored the contours of his chest. "I belong to you, Alex. Only you."

A groan was torn from deep inside him. His eyelids collapsed under the weight of his lust, the thick lashes trembling. "Prove it, Fox." He looked down at the ground and I started to kneel, but he stopped me with his hand at my elbow. Fingers reached for the pocket of my jacket, retrieving my handkerchief.

I opened it, tossed it to the ground and landed so quickly on my knees that I felt the impact all the way up my spine. Didn't care.

Alex's fly was already open. I snatched his cock out of his knit boxers, and sucked the head into my mouth, giving it a quick massage with my tongue. His legs shook so badly, I released his cock.

He groaned and fell back against the tree. I scooted forward, making sure he was comfortable and that I'd be able to reach everything. My fingers wandered between his legs and stroked his balls. Then I wrapped my lips around the tip of his cock again.

At that moment I'd have done anything to please him. To prove I belonged to him. He was mine, too. That was just a fact. Not the point at all. I, Fox Mulder, was his. My mouth, my hand, my ass. I wanted him to have all of me. Anything he wanted. Whenever or however he wanted it. His desire for me was my greatest need.

Alex's hand found the side of my face, brushing lightly along the hairline.

After licking and gnawing on the head of his cock, I took him all the way down. Moaning my delight at the feel of his fat erection in my throat, I nudged his leg, hoping he'd take the hint.

Alex growled back at me as his hand found the nape of my neck, and he began to thrust into me. I lost all control over my own breathing, only able to take air when he pulled back. I was flying on the endorphins.

I could tell he was a millisecond away from coming... I was already anticipating... when he suddenly pried my face off of his cock.

I gazed up at him in agonizing disappointment. Surely we couldn't fuck here. That was the only good reason for taking away my prize. My own cock throbbed desperately in my pants.

Eyes shining with green fire, he grinned at me. "Wanna fuck."

I wanted to please him, but no lube, no condom, no furniture... "How?"

He took hold of my hand and levered me up. "Against the tree." His shapely cock was bobbing in the breeze.


Echo Lane* by Louise Wu
Scene- The first sex scene (AU Krycek and our Mulder)

I'm delirious with pleasure.

I feel his body tense, and just as I anticipate his orgasm, he yanks free of my mouth.

"No!" I cry out pathetically.

Grunting and struggling for air himself, he holds his body away from mine, attempting to regain his shattered control.

The sight of him, panting with need, is too much. My hand reaches to rub my cock through my jeans.

He smacks the hand away. "Uh-uh," he says sternly. It's the same voice he uses with the damned dogs.

I am completely mortified.

I withdraw the offending hand, gaping at him, testily.

Alex gives me a breathless chuckle. "I'm going," breath, "to fuck," breath, "you."

Well, that seems like a damned good idea.

Echo Lane* by Louise Wu
Scene- The last sex scene (our Mulder and Krycek)

I nod at him. A moment of trust between us... it makes my heart ache with loss for the past few years. We fucked up so totally, he and I, when it could have been like this.

Alex gives me a knowing look. He opens a dresser drawer and pulls out a bottle, which he tosses on the bed. It's some sort of oil. It'll do.

He yanks the comforter off the bed and pulls back the covers. Then looks at me across the mattress. His eyes seem to radiate lust and need... I want to fall into those eyes.

We both drop onto the bed and meet in the middle, a tangle of arms and legs. The feel and scent of him is just right. Better than I'd imagined. We roll in an embrace, nearly falling off the edge of the bed. I scoot us back to the middle, so he's on his back and I'm hovering over him.

There's a smile on his face... eyes half squinted, full lips shining red. The expression is so beautiful... I stop breathing for a moment.

I scoot down his body, so I can explore with my mouth. Tasting his nipples, nipping at them and enjoying the little sounds he makes. Sliding lower, I brush my face across his pubic hair.

His hand finds my hair, fingers carding through it.

I open my mouth and lap at the head of his cock. He hisses, hips thrusting forward. I take just the head in my mouth and swirl my tongue around it.

His body tenses, legs clutching around me.

Slowly, I swallow his entire cock. It has the same satiny feel as the other Alex's cock, but it's not the same. Not at all. For the first time, I really understand. This is my Alex. Darker and more damaged, like me. This is our experience, not anyone else's.

A Hand in the Dark by Black Coffee

Mulder thought perhaps it was the blackout. Maybe they would never have done this if it wasn't for the fact that they were in a room with at least fifteen other people, all colleagues, having just previously been sitting working on a case as usual, and now they were doing this, getting each other off, knowing that no one could see them but that the lights could come back at any moment. Maybe that really was what made them do this, the strangeness of the situation they were in. It was crazy, stupid, dangerous, and erotic, all at the same time, and Mulder felt his head spin from excitement as he leaned in and caught Krycek's mouth with his own.

Krycek opened his mouth and they kissed, slowly, hotly, wetly, Krycek's hand still inside his pants, his own hand trailing against Krycek's shirt. He felt Krycek's tongue do amazing things inside his mouth, and the hand on his hard cock moved faster and faster. He whimpered. Krycek just swallowed the sound down and rubbed even harder. Mulder managed to get his free hand around Krycek's neck, pushing up into the soft, silky hair, deepening their kiss even further.

Krycek was a good kisser. Mulder had thought maybe he would be, with those amazingly soft-looking lips and that pink little tongue darting out now and then to wet them, but he hadn't thought he would be this good. The expertise of Krycek's tongue and the maddening nips at Mulder's lips and that sweet, sweet taste were all things he hadn't expected, and things he now began to wonder if he could live without.

Okay so maybe it wasn't the blackout. Maybe this was…more. The start of something new. The beginning of a beautiful…

He let himself go.

Syncretistic* by Loren Q
Scene- Only Scene

Seeing the way his muscles bunch, looking at his ass... round, firm. Damn, he's never done this before. I wonder if there's a way I can get him to let me fuck him.

Probably not, I didn't let anyone fuck *me* for a long time... and I *like* guys.

When he's finished, he turns to face me. He looks scared, but aroused. I look at him, allowing my eyes to travel down his body. His cock, hard... and big.

"Mulder, I... uhh, now what?"

Instead of answering, I drop to my knees. He won't say 'no' to this. I circle the head of his cock with my tongue and feel him jerk at the sensation. Slowly, I work his cock. Licking down the underside, sucking the head. He starts breathing harder, shuddering when I try to take him down my throat. I gag and pull back. I've never blown anyone as large as Krycek.

His fingers stroke my hair, and I try to take him again. Suddenly, he fists my hair, and pulls my head away.

"Stop," he gasps. "I can't keep standing."

Releasing my hair, he drops his head, breathing deeply. After a moment, he sits on the chair. My mouth is on his cock in a heartbeat, and I hear a gratifying moan. // Was that him or me? //

Feeling his thighs quiver, his little jerks, his sudden gasps, makes me rock hard. I circle my own dick and start pumping myself.

"Mulder, stop."

What the fuck now?! I pull away and look at him, hopefully not looking as pissed as I feel.

"Mulder, god, this feels so good, but... but I want to see you."

And the winner is...

Echo Lane (last sex scene) by Louise Wu