Best Series

Unfortunately, our scheduled presenter was unable to participate tonight. I don't have excerpts or summaries prepared for this category, but I can step up for an impromptu intro.

To write a series is an impressive achievement. Aside from the work involved in writing chapter after chapter, there is also a level of commitment involved that I envy. To begin something and to stick with it, to birth it and raise it... it's simply amazing to me.

I'd like to give my appreciation to all of the finalists, and to all those series writers out there that we didn't get a chance to honor tonight.

The nominees are:

The Bare Naked Ladies Series* by Satina

A Boy and his Rat* by C.M. Decarnin

DC Confidential* by Demi X

Initiatives* by Black Coffee

Poetic Series * by Scribe

Road Trip* by Stafish

And the winner is...

A Boy and His Rat by C.M. Decarnin