Best Romance

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Nailing down a definition of the category of "Best Romance" is a real challenge, because all of our entries are about a romantic relationship between Mulder and Krycek. I think the definition of "Romance" would be the loving M/K with a happy ending. And here we have some of the very best. The finalists this year are a real mix, from angsty truths explored to old pains soothed. All of them have that one important element in common. They make your heart clench with a few well-chosen words.

The nominees are:

Biological Imperative by Loren Q

I sit on the bed, pulling off my--his--boots.

Krycek sits in the chair, looking at me. "Mulder, we need to talk." He rubs his mouth before continuing, "I may be wrong... I hope I am, but something's happening between us."

Oh god, have I been sending signals? "I don't know what you me-"

"Yes, you do. Last night. Today. Your body language... the way you've been looking at me."

I stand up and head to the bathroom. "Well, you're wrong. Don't flatter yourself." I catch his reflection in the mirror.

"Mulder?" The softness of his voice stops me. I turn to face him... waiting.

He moves toward me until we're inches apart. "I'm not... flattering myself. I know what I want, what I've wanted for years." His eyes widen with that admission. He swallows audibly. "But I can't let it get in the way of this case."

I feel my breath quicken. "It won't." I say without thinking and lean in to kiss him.

My mind rages, but my body takes over. The kiss, the fumbling with clothes. A hesitation when faced with his prosthetic.

"Bother you?" he asks. The challenge in his voice is offset by the apprehension in his eyes.

I respond by pulling him to me. Kissing him, trailing across his cheek to his ear. "You want it on or off?"

"Off," he murmurs back.

I struggle with the straps and buckles until he pulls away and expertly removes the arm. Now free, I throw myself at him. Both of us falling into bed.

His mouth on mine, tongues wrapping around each other, bodies rubbing, erections bumping. I break the kiss and work down his body. No finesse, the pent up years demanding their due.

I take his cock head into my mouth, tonguing the slit... feeling the slick pearl of pre-cum. I feel hot, hypersensitive. My own dick brushes the bed sending jolts though me. His hand, fisting my hair, his low moans, all add to my frenzy. I swallow him, gagging a bit, but pushing past it.

"No, stop... na, not yet." He grunts out, pulling my head away. I crawl up him. He looks at me, eyes glazed, lips parted... lust personified, a mirror of what I'm feeling.

Chemistry by Louise Wu

** Mulder **

He looked away, embarrassed. This was not any Krycek I knew.

My fingers caressed the metal. It was tangible proof that I was special to this man. I was shocked by his sentimentality.

I returned to the pockets and pulled out a half-eaten candy bar. Valrhona. "Chocolate?"

He nodded. "Try it, Mulder."

I unwrapped it and broke off a chunk. It looked like plain dark chocolate. As I was about to pop it into my mouth, Krycek held out his hand to stop me.

"No, no. You have clear your palate first." He went to the kitchen and returned with a glass of water.

Dubious, I rinsed and swallowed a couple of times.

"Now, put it in your mouth, but don't chew it. Just let it dissolve."

I followed his instructions. I didn't taste much at first, but then it began to melt. It was not as sweet, but more complex than Hershey's or Ghirardelli's. Like the subtle flavor of different coffees. Chocolate for adults. "Nice."

Alex smiled at me. "Tell me when it's all melted, but don't swallow it."

When it was melted I held out my tongue to show him.

He leaned in and kissed me, sharing the flavor of the chocolate. The combined taste of Krycek and Valrhona was fantastic. I deepened the kiss and my hands wandered across his chest, fingers finding his nipples through his shirt.

Alex pulled me closer with his hand behind my neck and started kissing my face. His lips wandered to my ear. "You look so hot in that shirt, Mulder, with your dark hair. Your eyes look so blue."

I felt myself warm to his praise. It was easy to grasp that his beauty gave me aesthetic pleasure, but I'd never thought of myself that way.

We undressed quickly on the way to the bedroom. I went to lie down on the bed, but he stopped me. "You up for getting your ass fucked?"

Oh, was I. "Yeah," I replied, suddenly shy.

He retrieved the lube and a condom. Taking my hand, he escorted me to a low dresser at the back of my bedroom. "Bend over and brace yourself."

It was not easy for me to offer myself like that. Leaning over and spreading my legs for him felt so submissive. So vulnerable. I wanted it. I wanted to do it for him, but it embarrassed me, too. I closed my eyes and shivered, waiting for his response.

I heard a sigh and then his husky voice. "You look beautiful like that. The muscles in your back and the curve of your ass... Damn." Alex ran a line of kisses from the back of my neck all the way down to the top of my thighs. And then he nudged my crack with his nose. I felt his hot tongue on my anus and let out a groan.

"Ah, you like that, Mulder. And I like doing it to you. You melt just like that chocolate." He licked me more and fucked me with his tongue. God! That sensation... like a kiss, but all tingly.

"God, Alex. That feels so incredible."

His hand caressed my back as he rimmed me. Warm fingers navigated my waist to the front of my body and found my erection. I was already dripping pre-cum.

With a sigh, he withdrew his tongue. "Your cock is good to go. So's mine. Just looking at you makes me hard."

He gave my dick a few strokes before pulling away. While he put on the condom, I thought to lube myself up for him, but it was too much. The idea was so incredibly hot. I wanted to do it, while he watched me, but it was just too intense. I couldn't.

Soon Alex's fingers found my anus. He massaged it thoroughly from the outside, before slipping a finger inside me. Why did this feel so damned good? Surely nature didn't design the male rectum to be fucked by other males? Oh, hell. Who really cared anyway? Alex entered me with another finger, rubbing across my prostate and sending my mind into oblivion.

"So good, Alex."

"I got more for you."

"Do it."

Three fingers was still a stretch. It hurt at first, but then he hit the prostate and it didn't seem so painful any more.

"How you doing, Mulder?"

"Hurts a little, but feels wonderful at the same time."

"You have to let me know if you're not okay, 'cause I can't see your face."


He opened me up and fucked me thoroughly with those fingers. I was close to coming already. Alex removed his fingers and I tried not to tense up. The head of his cock pressed up against my anus and pushed through. It was easier than before. It burned, but not too badly. He slid all the way in fairly quickly.

"Okay?" His voice was low, almost strained. So damned sexy.

"Do it. Fuck me, Alex."

His arm wrapped around the front of my chest and he began to thrust. Gentle at first, he added power gradually as he sensed that I was okay. I never thought being fucked would be an essential part of my sex life, but nothing felt so right and so hot as Alex's dick sliding in and out of me.

"Sweet, fucking ass," he whispered reverently.

Alex's hand dropped down to my abdomen and he stroked my belly while he fucked me. I could feel his balls slap my backside with each thrust. My ass was shaped by his hard-on, molded to his body.

Alex moved his hand to softly touch my cock.

"I'm not going to last long if you do that."

The fingers continued down the shaft and moved to my balls, just teasing. I could feel his pubic hair tickle my butt.

"Harder, Alex. Give it to me."

"You got it." He held on to the front of me and threw his body into mine. Each penetration felt like something new was opening up deeper inside me. His breath was getting shaky, so I knew he was close. His hand returned to my cock and began to jerk me off.

"Oh, god. Yes."

"'S good."

He brought me off first. I was shooting and making I don't know what-all kinds of noises. Alex kept right on fucking me until he started to moan and shake.

As soon as my orgasm slipped away I realized how stiff I was from holding myself in one position, but I held onto it just a little longer so Alex could finish. I could feel his cock throbbing in me. It felt so intimate. Like he belonged to me.

Finally, he groaned long and loud. Alex slid off me to the floor. I twisted around and sat down next to him, holding him.

Lips found my temple and kissed me there gently.

Healing by Jami Wilsen

He looked over at Alex.

Such a lonely man. This man who had survived YEARS of precarious involvement with the Consortium and various alien factions. This man who had betrayed him, helped betray his partner, killed his boss. This man who had saved his life when no one else had the means or knowledge. This man who had died before his eyes. This man who, he was certain, loved him. This lonely, lonely man.

Despite everything that had transpired over the years, he knew - like he knew his own mind - Krycek had held affection for him even while stabbing him in the back with the blackmailing of Skinner and appropriating the pieces of the artifact.

"Alex?" He cleared his throat and said, meekly, "I'll take whatever you're willing to give me."

The way that Alex looked back at him, met his eyes this time, sent a slight tremor through Mulder. He had the feeling that a line had just been crossed. He'd just given everything over to Alex.

Alex looked like he recognized this, too. For the first time, that trademark, familiar Krycek smirk appeared on Alex's face.

Mulder was stunned to realize he'd missed it desperately.

"Anything, Mulder?" Alex's query was curious, almost deceptively so.

Calling my bluff, Mulder thought. He stiffened. He wanted this; might as well see it through. "Yeah. Anything." He met Alex's gaze calmly.

Alex's smirk told him he wasn't fooling anyone. Mulder felt strangely off-balance for the first time that night. And light-headed. The stress of the day, the past week, the giving in to this impulse to try to see if Alex WAS living here at this hidey-hole in the middle of nowhere, the flight and the beer... He closed his eyes and laid his head back, resting.

Alex was quiet. Then - "Okay." The acceptance was quiet and understated.

Mulder almost missed the significance of it. He raised his head with a jolt. "Okay?"

"Yeah." Alex's face was unreadable now.

An equal measure of relief and delight washed over Mulder. It must have shown in his face, for that smirk intensified and Alex snorted. "Jesus, Mulder...I oughta have my head examined."

"I'll examine anything you like," Mulder offered.

A shiver ran over Alex at this. He looked over at Mulder and snickered, both from humor and nervousness, Mulder decided. "I'll be taking you up on that."

If Thou Wilt Remember, If Thou Wilt Forget* Riticulan Amanuesis

"And Fox," Alex said as he began to wheel himself over to the other bed in the room.

The young girl's eyes followed him and watched as he stopped and picked up the hand lying next to the rose he'd placed there earlier. He raised the hand to his lips and kissed it.

"What can I say about my Fox? What can I tell you that you don't already know? That the consortium dismissed him and his abilities to their peril, probably. That the Aliens really didn't realize whom they were dealing with, surely. That he was the spirit and the soul of the resistance, there is no doubt."

Alex locked his eyes with those of his long-time companion and smiled. The recognition of who was holding his hand dawned slowly in Mulder's eyes and they brightened for a second at the sight and feel of Alex before Fox's mind slipped back into mild confusion once again.

"We've been together now for fifty years—a half-century—and I love him now just as much as I did when I laid eyes on him for the very first time."

Fox squeezed Alex's hand as though through his touch, he was saying the very same thing.

Alex looked up at the girl, taking Fox's hand with his and swiped at a small tear leaving his still verdantly green eyes.

The visitor looked at Fox, seeing the IV tube slowly dripping liquid into his arm, seeing too, the small oxygen mask covering his face.

"You look at him and you see white hair," Alex said. "I still see the finest brown silk. His smile, still so bright and blinding, even to this day can turn my insides to jelly, but more often than not, these days, that smile peers at me through a glass on the bedside table. But his eyes, they contain him. Swirling worlds of gold and green. I never tire of looking at them, and I never will."

Sanctuary by Jami and Jennie

And then I say, "Alex, I want to undress you. I want to take these off you. Is that alright?"

"S-sure, Mulder, fine." He's having trouble speaking. This is a good sign. Very heartening.

I slip the waistband down over his hips, past his hard cock and beyond his knees. He helps me, kicking them off past his ankles. We're getting tangled in the covers though, so I lift them up and pull them back up over us. Then I move to cover him, just resting on him, enjoying the way our bodies lay together so well.

"Wow," I say. "You okay so far?"

"Yeah," he says.

Fuck. I don't think I've ever experienced anything so sensual before in my entire life. And his skin... it feels like hot silk against mine, so alive.

I think I like the element of his maleness, his danger... Women I've been with in the past always seemed so tame and kittenish - being with Alex is unlike anything I can compare it to. And we're both so tense, so aware, that it seems to have heightened the experience. Every inch of my body is hyperalert, oversensitive to the slightest sensation.

"I want to come on you, with you...IN you," I say, letting my appreciation for him color my words. "I want to make you come, Alex. I want to hear you."



In me. He wants to come IN me. I can't help tensing at the idea. He wants to fuck me... just like all the others.

"You want to fuck me?" I can't quite hide my fear at the prospect.

"No, babe, I want to make love to you. I want to show you how wonderful it can be. To hear you moan and scream with pleasure."

The silky tone of his voice makes me think that he really CAN do this - make intercourse a pleasurable thing.

"I... Okay, Mulder. Just go slowly - be gentle."

"I'll make you feel things you've never felt before - never imagined could be possible," he promises.

And I believe him. I relax and smile to myself. Yeah, if anyone can do it, Mulder can.

"How do you want me?"

"No rush, Alex. Just relax and let me... play for a while."

Play? Not a word I've ever associated with sex, but... "Okay." I lie quietly, waiting to see what he considers 'playing'.

He starts at my neck, nuzzling, licking, tasting, and it's like nothing I've ever felt before. His lips are soft on my skin, and I can't help tilting my head, encouraging him to continue. By the time he moves down to my chest, I hear myself whimpering with pleasure.

Don't think such sounds have ever come from my throat before.

He slithers down further, lovingly caressing every inch of my suddenly sensitive skin along the way. And then - OHMYGOD - he licks the head of my cock!

And the winner is...

Chemistry by Louise Wu