Best Dark

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The dark came first, and light came out of that. So the stories say. And so stories shine out. But stories about the dark are difficult. We sit inside ourselves looking out at the absence of light, and all we can see of the tales is the glimmer of eyes, the gleam of fangs. Hungry hints. To go out of ourselves to hunt for a story we know will be frightening and strong is hardto do. It takes courage. The darkness might win.

So we stare and breathe softly and strain. We tense. Anything might be out there. What was that sound? Was it a moan of lust, a whimper of pain? What is that moving out there? Maybe Fox Mulder with a gun. Maybe Alex Krycek with a knife. Who will die? Who will have dangerous, scary sex? Who will recognize themselves in the dark? Who will see it all from the shadows they dared and live to tell the tale?

Here are some people who did.

The nominees are:

Baser Desires by Loren Q

I'm too far gone to stop... the images blur and change. A gun to my head, his cock tearing into me. I pump faster--to the cadence of an imaginary Krycek fucking me. I hear my own voice, calling to him... cursing him... begging him.

I cry out in a rush of breath and semen. Then I just cry.

Cauterizedby Satina and Orangy

"Were you going to cut off my dick, Krycek?" I don't even want to hear the answer, but something inside me that hates me makes me ask.

"No." His voice is barely audible, a low, whispering growl.

"Just your finger."

It Has to Be You by Zoe Takashi

Usually, he tells me when he wants to see me. But occasionally he seeks me out. And there's always a barely suppressed rage on these rare occasions when Mulder uses my body to make up for the injustice in the world.

The anger won't dissipate until he's fucked me, but the beating will go on until his fury has run its course.

Love Hurts by Satina

"This is better than I thought it would be," said Cardinale, sounding slightly breathless. "I like where this is going."

I closed my eyes and swallowed, realizing I had just added sex to what until now had been about only pain. I knew that Mulder would be much more likely to recover fully from physical abuse, but that sexual assault was likely to finally break his tortured mind.

Midnight Matinee by Morticia

"You are one seriously sad and fucked-up man, Alex Krycek," Mulder snarled. "You cuff me, threaten me, strip me, nearly rip my fucking nipples off and threaten to shoot a dozen civilians and this is supposed to cheer me up?"

Krycek grinned.

And the winner is...

Cauterized by Orangey and Satina