Best Angst

Please welcome... Raietta!


Angst. Our boys in death, in terror, in sadness, in grief, in a bad place all thing said. Angst can occur in a thousand different ways; Mulder and Krycek can cause trouble for themselves, or outside forces can tear the two apart, and from those roots the angst is off and running. No holds barred. The gloves come off. Mourning, scorning, pining, sighing, crying, dying, the emotional context is always a hollow space, where Mulder and Krycek experience the whole gamut of personal anguish. And the readers love it. This year's finalists continue the angst tradition, each putting their own stamp on the genre.

The nominees are:

Breathe by Orangy and Satina

To have him touch me tenderly nearly rips my heart out. He hates me, I love him. The duality of man, the paragon of animal... I know all this, and that's the way the world is. You can't just go and change the rules right in the middle of the game.

Cauterized by Orangy and Satina

"I won't hurt you," I whisper, leaning in to his ear. I hear him gasp lightly and he tilts his head just barely, leaning into my touch. I take him in my arms and just hold him, and the crying begins.

Chemistry Louise Wu

Knowing Mulder's propensity for trouble, it was easy to imagine that something had happened to him. It could be anything. Eaten by werewolves. Lost in a time warp. Arrested for mouthing off to local authorities. I tossed and turned half the night. The other half I spent sleepily groping the bed seeking his warm body.

Echo Lane by Louise Wu

Alex appears a minute later. He seems refreshed, but still moody. I hold back the urge to take him in my arms and offer comfort. I'm not what he needs right now. And I could never be his Mulder.

Still Burning by Ratadder

And the man in front of me is a dangerous person to be careless around. Look at those eyes. He looks so... excited. Happy to see me. My chest aches.

And the winner is...

Echo Lane by Louise Wu