Best Hurt/Comfort

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Hurt/Comfort is a very large sub-genre of X-Files fan fiction. When combined with the Mulder/Krycek pairing it has an even greater impact. Both characters have a huge capacity for injury both on screen and on cyber-paper. When one of these men finds the courage to comfort the other it can be very emotionally satisfying.

The nominees are:

Breathe by Orangey and Satina

"Did the truck driver do...?" He indicates my arm. "Did he take...? Fuck! What's wrong with your arm?"

I can feel all the blood drain out of my face...and I am not sure what to say. Sharp retorts die on my tongue when I see the real horror in his eyes. He is up and around the low table that has separated us, and is reaching out to touch my left hand, lying on my thigh. Shit shit shit, this is NOT what I was here for! Well, he's breathing now. Harsh sounds are coming from his chest, as he lightly touches my cold left hand.

Chemistry* by Louise Wu

The first time I woke in daylight, I felt his hand on my chest. I looked up to find him sitting against the headboard, smiling down at me.

His smile faded. "I can't tell you how much it hurt when you didn't come home."

"I'm sorry, Fox. It was the only way I knew how to cope."

He nodded. "I know. It's okay. I just needed to tell you how much it hurt. More than... more than when Samantha was taken."

No stronger statement of love had ever been spoken. I sat up and kissed him. "I'll try not to run out on you again. I can't promise it won't happen again, but I'll try."

I was still afraid, but it didn't feel like it would kill me anymore. It would hurt--agonizingly--to lose him, but I had to accept the risk in order to enjoy being with him. It was the right choice. I'd wasted enough of my life already.

Echo Lane by Louise Wu

Alex is unmoving, allowing me to touch, but not touching back. He's afraid. Of being rebuffed? He must think this is all some kind of trick... a chance for me to exact my revenge.

Meeting his eyes, I swear silently. It's not a trick. I promise. I don't want to hurt you.

He emits a breathless sound... like a silent whimper. Then he raises his hand... it's shaking when he brings it slowly to the back of my neck. His warm fingers find a grip in my hair and he pulls my face to his.

This time he kisses me. His tongue enters my mouth like a thirsty man seeking water. I open up to him, offering myself as I never have to anyone.

The stakes are so high. For both of us. I have to give him everything.

Twilight Zone by Queen of Denial

Mulder crossed his arms over his chest. "What makes you think I'm contemplating suicide?"

"I may never be the profiler you are, Mulder, but I do know a little. Enough to recognize the warning signs."

"You're a murderer and a traitor, Krycek. What do you care?"

Alex knew Mulder resorted to the verbal attack and the use of his last name were meant to drive him away. "You didn't leave me alone in the basement with my fears. I won't leave you alone with your pain."

"Alex, please, leave, go. I can't hold it together much longer." Mulder's voice trembled a little, and tears welled in his eyes.

Alex went to his side of the table and knelt by Mulder's chair. "It's all right, Mulder. I lost it in front of you, so it's okay to let go in front of me."

Mulder's shoulders were shaking, but he made no sound. Alex took him by the hands, led him back to the bedroom, and lay down with him, holding him close, stroking his back. Mulder sobbed into his shoulder until exhaustion took him, and he slept. Alex soon followed him into slumber.

Shards of Porcelain by Kelly Keil

Krycek's right. I do think too much. I turn the handle on the door and open it. He is there beside me before I even notice him starting to move. He grabs my head with his hand and pulls me toward him. "Stop complicating things," he says, and kisses me.

I go to him because...

I go to him because I love him. I go to him because I can't help it. I go to him because I cannot stop.

And the winner is...

Chemistry by Louise Wu