The Lifetime Achievement Award


When I created the Lisa e Krysa Awards three years ago, the M/K fandom was quite a different place. Different authors, different sites, different lists, and different trends in fiction. And though I always acknowledge that there was a shift, I saw it from a subtle perspective; day by day, the differences were tiny. But, recently, I took a six month hiatus from my online life to deal with my “real” life. When I came back, I was absolutely shocked at the way things could change in just half a year.

Aware then of the rapid evolution of the fandom, I realized that we present members need to take time to honor the past. To honor the authors and contributors who have worked hard for many years to bring us to this point. I am here, tonight to present eight of those ladies to you.

The nominees are:

Brenda Antrim*

Brenda Antrim is notable as the first M/K author. Back in 1995 she wrote Krychek, the first M/K slash story, She is the mother of the fandom, the predecessor of us all.

In the time since that first story, she has written many others, including So Many monsters, Any Weapon, and Bury the Dead Alive.


. Aries has been a major player in the fandom for four years. She burst onto the scene in 1998 with her Admission series. An epic tale of the trials and pains of love, the series now spans nine stories and is almost 2MB.

The epic would characterize Aries' career. While she has written many wonderful short stories, she is most known for her novels, and the series that many of them are a part of. Thankfully, Aries is still active in the fandom, still entertaining us with her tales. Her latest series D.C. Rain is captivating audiences, just as Admissions did years ago.

Cody Nelson*

Cody is a well known M/K author and ‘zine editor. In her many years in the fandom she has written several novels, including Il Travito, and The Best Lies. She is also the author of many celebrated short stories.

Sleeps with Coyotes*

If one were to create a list of the best dark stories, a list of the best M/K novels, a list of the most creative, the most poetic stories, Sleeps With Coyotes would have her stories on it. Throughout the years she has written some of the most popular and critically acclaimed M/K stories to date.

Through her unique writing style and active imagination, Sleeps with Coyotes has made a name for herself in the M/K fandom, and has endeared herself to M/K fans everywhere.


Sylvia is a longtime M/K author. Early on, she received accolades for her novel, A Gift of an Enemy. This story, once available only in ‘zine form, was recently released on the web. It is reaching a new a whole new audience, and turning many to the other writing of Sylvia.


Tarlan started her career off with a bang, as the author of the M/K classic Waiting for the Axe to Fall. Since then, she’s written many other stories, including a sequel to Axe…. Happily, she is still an active member of the M/K community.


Torch is a much celebrated author of many stories. She is best known for writing the novel Ghosts, which is widely regarded as one of the best M/K stories ever written.

In addition, to Ghosts and it’s sequel Lovers, Torch has also written numerous other stories exploring the relationship between the boys, and the boys themselves.


Though she is no longer with the fandom, Viridian5 can easily be called on of it’s greatest contributors. During her time as an M/K author, she penned countless stories.

Not well known for any one story, Viridian5 is well known in the M/K world for her collective works. Each and every story is a thoughtfully crafted portrayal of Mulder and Krycek.

And the winner is...

Aries -Tied- Sleeps with Coyotes