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The Lisa e Krysa 2001 Nominees for BEST AUTHOR Presented by Ratadder (in alphabetical order)

The nominees are:


Who in M/K fandom hasn’t heard of Aries? Even if you don’t read romantic M/K, you’ve surely heard the clamoring shouts of “more more MORE!” from all the mailing lists when the latest entry in one of Aries’ beloved series hits the screens. Or better yet, when she starts a new series to add to her repertoire. The sounds of slashers everywhere diving into their computers with glee to immerse themselves in the World of Aries can be heard echoing around the net.

From her own estimates, Aries has been writing M/K, and only M/K, for about four years now. Yes, she is one of Our *exclusive* authors, who gives it all to our favorite agent and assassin. “I love the boys madly and I can't say that I've ever seriously given thought to branching out into any other fandom. Like Old Yeller, I am. Loyal to my masters,” she says. And we her legions of fans are most appreciative of that fact.

In those four years, Aries has gifted the M/K community with a consistent flow of deliciously long, angst-filled, romantic (not to mention *hot*) tales of a Fox and Alex in love. Deeply, passionately in love. No matter what obstacles are thrown in their way, we know in Aries’ fiction that their love will triumph, and I have no doubt that is one of the reasons her stories create such an outpouring. Aries speaks to her own experience of this: “From my first story to the latest, I have never ceased to be humbled and amazed by the warm reception that I and my work have received. The generosity, kindness and enthusiasm of the slash community is something I'll always be grateful for. I'd like to say how honored I am to be included in some damn fine company in the best author category. Best of luck to all the nominees!”

Aries gives us sweet stories and compelling series we happily lose ourselves in, and return to reread. She gives us characterizations that speak to the good in our favorite men, in a fandom often replete with darkness. And yes... she gives us much hot sex fueled by the passion of true love.

Aries states, “I fell in love with slash primarily because it was for me, something completely different, it seemed so taboo, and it sure was fun. Now, almost four years later, I'm part of an open and artistically nurturing community. Slash has freed me to go creatively, where I would never have thought to go, and dammit, it's still fun!”

And doesn’t that just say it all? Thank you Aries, for contributing so much to the fun.

Loren Q

Loren Q. is breathtaking. Literally. Her stories steal your breath with the pure power on the page. From her start in early 2000, Loren has brought to life Mulder and Krycek with a clarity of vision that burns the screen.

And oh, that vision. M/K fandom has always run the gamut of expressions of the relationship, given the complicated nature of the characters’ interactions. Loren has gifted the M/K community with her unflinching vision of the relationship, and consistently brings us a haunting image of a steamy, twisted entanglement... the kind of M/K that bleeds from the show directly onto our computer screens.

In Loren’s own words, “I liked writing about M/K because of the dynamic between them in the series - a chemistry couched in hostility that I find... well, pretty fucking hot. I've always seen Mulder and Krycek as similar, the only difference being which side of the badge they're on. Oh, and Mulder wears his neuroses on his sleeve. I like a cool, calculating Krycek. He's portrayed that way in the series, and that's how I picture him. I see Mulder as a brilliant ball of neurotic behavior. Krycek will never annoy me, but Mulder can...usually does. I identify with both of them.”

We know when we read these stories we will get a Krycek like dry ice. The “warning” on Loren Q. stories often reads: “My Krycek isn't a nice guy, and I like him that way.” As do the fans, we who come back repeatedly for more of him, and who consistently nominate Loren’s work for Lisa e Krysa recognition.

On slash in general, Loren adds: “What I like best about writing slash is research (if I'm writing a case file), but more importantly, I live for feedback.” So, you’ve seen to it that Loren got to the finalist of the LeK Best Author category... have you sent feedback as well??

Thank you, Loren Q., for melting our monitors.

Louise Wu

Louise Wu... a name synonymous with purest quality.

Since coming onto the X-Files slash scene in early 2000, Louise has produced a stellar body of fiction that has unsurprisingly rocketed her to the top of award categories. Multiple LeK nominations and awards join Spookys and Wirerims decorating her site. With her collaborator Zoe, she spreads her talents among K/Sk as well as M/K, and I even know of one scorching Sc/K out there. But here at the LeKs, we turn our eyes to her contributions to the world of M/K.

What can we say? Both “Echo Lane” and “Chemistry” are true tour de forces, that best speak for themselves. In a world of short stories, where slash novels are long-awaited and eagerly devoured, Louise provides the gourmet experience.

Her long, intricate stories draw the reader in and keep us all riveted as the tale unfolds before us, heartbreaking or uplifting. Her sex scenes make the little black letters on my keyboard keys curl up and smoke, and I know I’m not the only one worrying about short-circuits. But more than anything else, Louise’s masterful grasp of characterization and shifting first-person narrative have readers *living* the emotional roller coaster of her amazing fics. When you read a story by Louise, you are *in* Mulder and Krycek’s head... in her hands, these characters speak. We live the tale from both characters’ perspective, with a personal immediacy that is visceral.

Louise states, “I was drawn first to M/K because I liked the characters - neurotic good boy & sexy bad boy.” Her site bio adds, “Louise has been daydreaming since she was a child. Most of her made-up stories had male/male lovers. Then one day she noticed how gorgeous that Krycek guy was.” And the M/K community indeed benefited.

Louise Wu, we bow to your mastery.


What an entrance she made... Satina burst onto the M/K scene just last year, in late 2001. X-Files fanfic is the only fic she writes, and she splits her time between M/K and M/Sc/K. She has been warmly welcomed for the searing hot stories that seem to pour effortlessly from her fingertips.

Once she started, there has been no stopping her. From an experimental start with Lyric Wheel songfic, Satina jumped into M/K with both feet, much to the delight of fans concerned about potential slowdown in M/K fic following Season Eight. One of the most prolific writers around, we in the M/K community have enjoyed Satina’s fresh energy and enthusiasm for the pairing, and for writing in general. She brings a sharp style, a sense of humor, and an eye for the sensual together in her briskly paced stories.

On writing M/K, Satina comments, “The M/K relationship is so complex and passionate that there are infinite possibilities for storytelling! There is no way this relationship will ever be simple. Simple may feel nice in real life, but it makes for a very boring read. M/K is still my absolute favorite genre to write. I have too many ideas to even write them all down.” Something, I’m sure, that M/K readers are only too glad to hear.

Satina adds, “I do want to say that one of the BEST things about becoming a member of the M/K writing community has been getting to know some of my very favorite M/K authors on a personal level. I remember reading their work and just being stunned, and now they're writing feedback to ME! What a rush.”

Welcome Satina, who we will no doubt see again in future LeKs. We hope that enthusiasm just keeps burning brighter.


While she has a long history writing fic, Scribe began writing M/K only in 2001. In her we have found a gem we dearly want to keep. She explains, “I have written what could be considered Mary Sue fanfiction practically since I could form the alphabet, but I did not discover and begin writing slash till the last few months of 2000. I wrote my first M/K fiction, Little Cat Feet, about five months later, as an entry in a contest for Slashing Mulder. I used a poem as the inspiration for the story, and I thought that would be it.”

Luckily for M/K readers everywhere, that was far from it. Scribe continues, “Then I ran across a four line poem called 'Summer Redundant', and the flood gates opened. That one story has grown into my Poetic Series, stories that map the growing relationship between Mulder and Krycek.” And stories that have spawned a fervent following for Scribe’s deft exploration of this relationship. Scribe brings a fascinating twist to her stories by basing each one around a poem. The poems figure prominently in the stories, and are worked in seamlessly. As her Krycek states, “Poetry has woven itself through this relationship, all the way back to when it began.”

Of course given my personal love affair with a good laugh, I cannot write Scribe’s introduction without mentioning her wicked sense of humor. Or would that be her Evil sense of humor...

But her Poetic Series is what brings us here today. We are thankful she decided to enter that contest, and give M/K a try. She tells us, “I love writing Mulder/Krycek because there are so many layers to be found in the relationship, and I can trace a clear evolution in my stories. It offers so many opportunities to explore problems and pleasures that are common to all couples.” We do hope she continues to explore.

On being part of the world of slash, Scribe states, “I don't know what it is about the slash community, but the enthusiasm and support are fantastic. The readers have accepted me so whole-heartedly, treating me as a friend as well as an entertainer. Let me take this chance to say how very, very honored I am to be included in this. It was the readers themselves who nominated me, and I take that as an enormous compliment in, and of, itself. I know it's said all the time, but I finally feel this is true: just being nominated IS enough. I'm in high company.”

She adds, “The best thing for me about my work has been the readers who have written to tell me that, through the Poetic Series, they have developed a deeper interest in poetry. I also like to think that it's a way of showing those who try to dismiss fan fiction as the literary equivalent of a Twinkie that it can be much, much more.”

Indeed it can, and Scribe, you are one of the reasons.

And the winner is...

Louise Wu