Best Author

The slash fandom is filled with talented writers. I think this especially holds true in the case of Mulder/Krycek slash. The pairing draws so many wonderful people, and I for one have often been in awe at the wonderful plots and elegant prose that M/K writers produce.

Tonight I'm proud to present five of these accomplished and wonderful authors to you.

And the nominees are...


Aries is proably most famous for her epic romantic series Admission, Green Eyed Monster, and Not on My Watch. But she has also written over (add number) stand alone pieces, including Private Dancer , Daywalker, Excess Baggage, Ten Minutes, and it's sequel Just a Quickie.


Imajiru is the author of the Departure series. Departure I began pre-Tunguska. Imajiru described it as "a Departure from the norm all around."

It was very popular, and Imajiru followed it up with a sequel in which Fox and Alex continue their relationship... until they face a bug, red-headed bump in the road. She soon wrote Departure 2.5, which filled in some missing time towards the end of part two.

Finally, she topped things off this year with Departure III, the follow up to the first two parts, in which the ends are tied up, and there's finally a happy ending. The entire series totals over 800k.

Imajiru also wrote six other M/K stories. White Russian on a Beach and Bailey's Irish Creme are her "alcohol stories" though the focus is definitely not on drinking. Birmingham shows us a view of the M/K relationship from a third party. Quicksand (co-authored with Rachel) gives us hurt/comfort at it's best. Resistance is shockingly AU, but is lovely and heartwarming nonetheless. And, last but not least is a breathtakingly bittersweet vignette, Peace, in which something so perfect is not meant to be, no matter how hard they try.

Imajiru is also the author of several oterh X-Files stories, which are mostly MSR, but also include a Mulder/Krycek/Scully peice. She writes in other fandoms, including NightRider.

Jessica Harris

Bulletins from Bedlam, Jessica's portrait of maddness, horror, and love, has been much praised and widely read. She has followed up with two "sidebar" stories that take place during the original. They proved to be just as striking and powerful as the first.

Jessica also writes an AU Mulder/Krycek series, Reason Sleeps, in which we see what Mulder's life would be like if Samantha had never been born.

She's also written four stories that exist in pairs; Never See Morning/Pit and Lantern and Ebb Tide/Kraken. All four are works that explore the dark pain in Mulder and Krycek, and how that affects the way they interact.

Jessica's story, Nightfalling opens uo a new series where blood and pain have stripped Mulder, given him to Krycek and the night. And Cravings gives us a look into Krycek's unfufilled desires.

Jessica has writtem many other M/K peices, and has also written several M/Sk peices, some wonderful Byers focused stories, a Due South story, and an Anne of Green Gables story.

Ladonna King

Ladonna King can easily be called one of the most busy slash authors. She always has a full plate, and any author would be blessed to have a muse half as enthusiatic as hers. Because of this, she has written many M/K stories, most of which are of substantial length.

Breathless and it's sequel, Soildarity, are Ladonna's most popular and long M/K slash stories. On the surface both are X-Files, but they also explore a relationship between Mulder and Krycek. Ladonna had promised a third story in this series, but we're still waiting. :o(

One of Ladonna's other series Skin is fascinating, in that it takes a step away from the average slash story. Rather the just focusing on a Mulder/Krycek relationship, Skin steps into the science fiction genre, with a more than ordinary back story for Alex.

The third series that Ladonna has written is called Mad Dogs. In it, Krycek is a broken man, and Mulder seeks to put him back together again. While he suceeds in gaining Krycek's love and loyalty, several bumps in the road keep him from his goal. This series is still unfinished; Ladonna is currently working on part four, which she calls a return to her roots, and says "'s more along the horror lines than what I've been posting."

Ladonna has written numerous stand alone stories, including her sweet Christmas story- Angels, her hilarious comedy- The Full Monty, her angst fest- Blood, Love, and Rhetoric, her post colinazation stories- Possesion and Promise, and the closest she'll ever come to happily ever after- Responsibility.

Ladonna has also written several XF/other crossover stories, and stories in such fandoms as Highlander, The Phantom Menace, and Velvet Goldmine.

Sarah Bellum (Bernice)

Sarah Bellum (aka Bernice, the beloved head of IIBNF Press) has written two novel length stories. Both are well loved and have generated follow-up stories authored by fans and friends.

About story I don't know about

A Fish Called Krycek is a fantasticly original AU story. It features Fox Mulder, an expert on Mermaids, searching for the first real live one. Things get interesting when he finds a lovely male in the species, who he names Krycek. The two fall in love, but an inter-species relationship is sure to be riddled with problems. Family and friends of the two have interesting reactions to the mates.

And the winner is...

Ladonna King!!!